By Todd Heintzelman

NEWBERRYTOWN, Pa.: Brent Marks added the Greg Hodnett Foundation Race and Dirt Classic Qualifier to his impressive 2022 resume with a win Thursday night at BAPS Motor Speedway.

“Greg was one of my heroes growing up,” Marks said. “I always enjoyed racing with Greg. He was a great person and a great driver. One of the best out there. To be able to win a race in his honor, again, means a lot to me.”

It was his 16th overall win of the season at the 11th different racetrack. He earned $5,527 using a pass of Kasey Kahne with six laps to go to secure the win … his first of the season at the track.

This one wasn’t easy, as Marks started third and chased Kahne in traffic throughout the non-stop race.

“The track was actually a lot of fun, but it was hard to get by Kasey,” Marks said. “He had a really good car, lapped cars were all over the place, he was moving all over the place, I was moving all over the place, and it was really hard to get by him. It was a really fun race, and we had a good battle there. I had to earn that one. It was fun.”

Racing in traffic, Marks ducked under Kahne a few times but couldn’t make it work. Then, he used the outside of turns three and four to lap a car and found the groove he needed.

“I could get a run on him a little bit here and there,” Marks said. “Then the next lap, he’d get a better run off the top, so we’d even ourselves out. I was working around a lapped car and decided to go to the top of three and four to see what was up there. It got cleaned off enough and had enough grip, and I was able to move up there.

“He was in that position where it wasn’t good to be the leader. It let me have an opportunity to get a run on him and ultimately get by him. The track really changed throughout the race.”

Marks’ amazing season rolls on.

“To be able to back up our win total from last year and exceed that this year is pretty special,” Mark said. “I’m really proud of this team and how hard everybody works to be consistently good. We seem to be able to show up anywhere and be competitive, and that shows a lot of how hard we all work. We all work really well together.”

Kahne moved to the second starting spot after the initial start was called back, and Tyler Reeser was penalized one row.

Kahne opened a comfortable lead, as third starting Marks took second from Robbie Kendall. The chase was on from there, as Marks stayed with Kahne as they lapped cars.

A huge run on the outside line got Marks by Kahne off the fourth turn with six laps to go. He pulled away from there, winning by 2.6-seconds. It was his fourth career win at BAPS.

“We had a good car,” said Kahne, who settled for second. “I saw Brent on the bottom. I didn’t get through lappers quick enough, and he took advantage of that. James McFadden actually won in this car here three years ago, and I was here watching that.”

Gio Scelzi won the battle for third, beating Anthony Macri and Danny Dietrich. Buddy Kofoid, Reeser. Dylan Norris, Troy Wagaman Jr., and Lucas Wolfe completed the top 10.

Marks had the fastest time during timed hot laps for each heat race. His lap was 14.895. Heat races for the 29-car field went to Kendall, Reeser and Norris, with Tim Wagaman scoring the B-Main win.

410 Sprint Car Feature Finish, 30 Laps: 1. Brent Marks; 2. Kasey Kahne; 3. Gio Scelzi; 4. Anthony Macri; 5. Danny Dietrich; 6. Buddy Kofoid; 7. Tyler Reeser; 8. Dylan Norris; 9. Troy Wagaman Jr.; 10. Lucas Wolfe; 11. Robbie Kendall; 12. Kyle Moody; 13. Tyler Ross; 14. Tim Wagaman; 15. Aaron Bollinger; 16. Austin Bishop; 17. Tim Buckwalter; 18. Cameron Smith; 19. Riley Emig; 20. Domenic Melair; 21. Steven Kisamore; 22. Hunter Mackison; 23. Frankie Herr; 24. Ryan Smith.

Doug Dodson inherited the lead with two laps to go, when leader Mike Melair stopped coming out of the fourth corner and went on to win the 20-Lap 305 Sprint Car main event.

Ken Duke Jr. was up to second for the restart from the 14th starting spot. Dodson blocked the low line entering turn one on the late restart, taking Duke’s line. Dodson went onto the win, as Seth Schnoke got by Duke for second on the final lap.

Scott Frack and Dylan Smith completed the top five. Austin Reed, Jeff Paulson, Logan Jones, Johnny Scarborough and Owen Dimm completed the top 10.

305 Sprint Car Feature Finish, 20 Laps: 1. Doug Dodson; 2. Seth Schnoke; 3. Ken Duke Jr.; 4. Scott Frack; 5. Dylan Smith; 6. Austin Reed; 7. Jeff Paulson; 8. Logan Jones; 9. Johnny Scarborough; 10. Owen Dimm; 11. Erin Statler; 12. Josh Bricker; 13. Branstin Shue; 14. Donavyn Knokey; 15. Lance Yeager; 16. Dirk Rimrott; 17. Mike Melair; 18. Drew Young; 19. Kruz Kepner; 20. Logan Spahr; 21. Matthew Swift.