Four Crown Nationals

2016: Shane Stewart (WoO), Ian Madsen (AS), Chris Windom (SC), Justin Grant (Sp), Rico Abreu (M)
2015: Greg Wilson (WoO), Christopher Bell (SC), Thomas Meseraull (Sp), Christopher Bell (M)
2014: Joey Saldana (WoO), Jerry Coons Jr. (SC), Brady Bacon (Sp), Bryan Clauson (M)
2013: Chris Windom (SC), Chris Windom (Sp), Rico Abreu (M), Rain (WoO)
2012: Bryan Clauson (SC), Tracy Hines (Sp), Kyle Larson (M), Rain (WoO)
2011: Joey Saldana (WoO), Kyle Larson (SC), Kyle Larson (Sp), Kyle Larson (M)
2010: Jac Haudenschild (WoO), Bryan Clauson (SC), Levi Jones (Sp), Jerry Coons Jr. (M)
2009: Jason Sides (WoO), Dave Darland (SC), Jerry Coons Jr. (Sp), Brad Sweet (M)
2008: Joey Saldana (WoO), Dave Darland (SC), Brad Sweet (Sp), J.J. Yeley (M)
2007: Jerry Coons Jr. (SC), Robert Ballou (Sp), Ricky Stenhouse Jr. (M), Chad Ruhlman (Mod)
2006: Matt Neely (SC), Tracy Hines (Sp), Tracy Hines (M), Jerry Bowersock (Mod)
2005: Dave Darland (SC), Levi Jones (Sp), Danny Stratton (M), Brian Ruhlman (Mod)
2004: Dave Darland (SC), Dickie Gaines (Sp), Dave Darland (M), Brian Ruhlman (Mod)
2003: No race due to Mopar Million
2002: Brian Tyler (SC), Bud Kaeding (Sp), Jay Drake (M), Brian Ruhlman (Mod)
2001: J.J. Yeley (SC), Bud Kaeding (Sp), J.J. Yeley (M), Joey Kramer (Mod)
2000: J.J. Yeley (SC), Tracy Hines (Sp), Kasey Kahne (M), Jim Shereck (Mod)
1999: Jimmy Sills (SC), Dave Darland (Sp), Dave Darland (M), Mike Brecht (Mod)
1998: Jack Hewitt (SC), Jack Heweitt (Sp), Jack Hewitt (M), Jack Hewitt (Mod)
1997: Kevin Huntley (SC), Jack Hewitt (Sp), Jay Drake (M), Jack Hewitt (Mod)
1996: Jack Hewitt (SC), Jimmy Sills (Sp), Tracy Hines (M), Jack Hewitt (Mod)
1995: Jack Hewitt (SC), Tony Stewart (Sp), Tony Stewart (M), Jack Boggs (LM)
1994: Jack Hewitt (SC), Kevin Doty (Sp), Steve Knepper (M), Freddy Smith (LM)
1993: Ron Shuman (SC), Tony Elliott (Sp), Jack Hewitt (M), Freddy Smith (LM)
1992: Steve Butler (SC), Danny Smith (Sp), Johnny Parsons (M), Donnie Moran (LM)
1991: Jack Hewitt (SC), Jack Hewitt (Sp), Jeff Gordon (M), Billy Moyer (LM)
1990: Steve Butler (SC), Jack Hewitt (Sp), Stan Fox (M), Donnie Moran (LM)
1989: Jack Hewitt (SC), Steve Butler (Sp), Robby Flock (M), Randy Boggs (LM)
1988: Jack Hewitt (SC), Steve Butler (Sp), Rich Vogler (M), Doug Ault (LM)
1987: Larry Rice (SC), Tony Elliott (Sp), Jack Hewitt (M), John Lawhorn (LM)
1986: Jack Hewitt (SC), Rich Vogler (Sp), Rich Vogler (M), Billy Moyer (LM)
1985: Larry Rice (SC), Larry Rice (Sp), Rich Vogler (M), C.J. Rayburn (LM)
1984: Rain
1983: Ken Schrader (SC), Jack Hewitt (Sp), Johnny Parsons (M), Bobby Jacks (LM)
1982: Ron Shuman (SC), Steve Kinser (Sp), Rich Vogler (M), Dean Roper (LM)
1981: Steve Kinser (SC), Steve Kinser (Sp), Ken Schrader (M), Joe Wallace (LM)

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