ORRVILLE, OH: It seems no one, not NASCAR’s best, nor the top drivers in Sprint Car racing, can stop Kyle Larson.

Larson beat the World of Outlaws last Tuesday, downed the NASCAR boys Sunday, and added another victory to his resume Monday, beating the All Star Circuit of Champions to win the Ohio Speed Week showdown at Wayne County Speedway.

Cale Conley lead early, outlasting a power outage and early red flag to maintain the top spot. But he couldn’t stop Larson, who started eighth, and charged into the lead on the 13th circuit.

While Larson was driving away to the win unchallenged, fellow NASCAR star Kasey Kahne, who started 13th, made his way to the front and took second.

Kahne’s effort was aided by a late caution, which started when Tim Shaffer and Caleb Helms made contact while battling for the runner-up spot.

Chad Kemenah came from 16th to third in the main event. D.J. Foos, and Rob Chaney completed the top five.

The series moves to Sharon Speedway Tuesday, before going to Waynesfield Raceway Park Wednesday.

Feature Finish, 30 Laps: 1. Kyle Larson; 2. Kasey Kahne; 3. Chad Kemenah; 4. D.J. Foos; 5. Rob Chaney; 6. Carson Macedo; 7. Byron Reed; 8. Cole Duncan; 9. Ryan Smith; 10. Broc Martin; 11. Tyler Esh; 12. T.J. Michael; 13. Max Stambaugh; 14. Parker Price-Miller; 15. Caleb Helms; 16. Tim Shaffer; 17. Danny Mumaw; 18. Rico Abreu; 19. Cale Conley; 20. Joe Swanson; 21. Andrew Palker; 22. Caleb Armstrong; 23. Brandon Matus; 24. Brad Haudenschild; 25 Dave Blaney; 26. Dean Jacobs.

HARTFORD, OH: World of Outlaws. All Star Circuit of Champions. Different nights. Nothing seems to stop Kyle Larson.

The NASCAR star did it again Tuesday night, backing up his Monday Ohio Speed Week win with a second straight, this time at Sharon Speedway.

It isn’t like Larson is starting on the pole. He lined up sixth on the grid and was up to fourth by the end of the first lap. He quickly made his way to second and stalked Rico Abreu for the lead on the third circuit.

Abreu didn’t have a chance. Larson grabbed the top spot on Lap 4 and held off the field the rest of the way in the 30-lap event to bag another $5,000 payday.

Carson Macedo, Abreu, Tim Shaffer, and Danny Dietrich completed the top five. The rest of the top 10 was Ryan Smith, Cole Duncan, Lee Jacobs, Danny Smith, and Chad Kemenah.

Feature Finish, 30 Laps: 1. Kyle Larson; 2. Carson Macedo; 3. Rico Abreu; 4. Tim Shaffer; 5. Danny Dietrich; 6. Ryan Smith; 7. Cole Duncan; 8. Lee Jacobs; 9. Danny Smith; 10. Chad Kemenah; 11. Dave Blaney; 12. Max Stambaugh; 13. T.J. Michael; 14. Caleb Helms; 15. Andrew Palker; 16 Stuart Brubaker; 17. D.J. Foos; 18. Cale Conley; 19. Caleb Armstrong; 20. Roger Campbell; 21. Jim Morris; 22. Brent Matus; 23. Trevor Baker; 24. John Garvin; 25. Travis Philo; 26. Ryan Linder.

WAYNESFIELD, OH: No Kyle Larson gave the rest of the field at Ohio Speed Week a clear shot at Victory Lane Wednesday night at Waynesfield Raceway Park.

And Tim Shaffer picked up the gavel.

Shaffer started second on the grid, fell behind early, and pulled off a pass just short of the midway point on his way to victory in the 35-lap main event.

Sammy Walsh took off at the start, but Shaffer didn’t fall too far behind and remained within striking distance. The Aliquippa ace took control of the event on Lap 16 and led the rest of the way for the win.

Danny Dietrich earned his second straight top-five finish, earning a runner-up finish. Chad Kemenah, Cole Duncan, and Parker Price-Miller completed the top five.

Feature Finish, 35 Laps: 1. Tim Shaffer; 2. Danny Dietrich; 3. Chad Kemenah; 4. Cole Duncan; 5. Parker Price-Miller; 6. Carson Macedo; 7. Brady Bacon; 8. D.J. Foos; 9. Sammy Walsh; 10. Lee Jacobs; 11. Caleb Armstrong; 12. Brandon Spithaler; 13. Cale Thomas; 14. Jared Horstman; 15. Chris Andrews; 16. Stuart Brubaker; 17. Max Stambaugh; 18. Andrew Palker; 19. Daniel Harding; 20. Trey Jacobs; 21. Jacob Wilson; 22. Ryan Smith; 23. Shawn Dancer; 24. Tyler Esh; 25. Brandon Matus; 26. Tanner Thorson.