Chad Kemenah rode consistency to his sixth Arctic Cat All Star Circuit of Champions title a year ago, but that wasn’t good enough.

According to Kemenah, he has to win more.

The Findlay, Ohio, driver got off to a good start Thursday night, beating a pretty stout field to kick off the All Star season with a victory at Bubba Raceway Park. It was his 34th career win with the series.

Kemenah was impressive over the 30-lap distance, charging from 17th to the lead. He slipped past Parker Price-Miller for the top spot on Lap 22 and wasn’t challenge over the rest of the race distance.

“This shows what this team is about,” Kemenah said. “They don’t quick. We were really consistent the last two years, and hopefully, this is a sign that we will win more.”

Tony Stewart finished second in a caution-filled race that featured two open red-flag periods. Dave Blaney, Price-Miller, and Carson Short completed the top five.

Feature Finish, 30 Laps: 1. Chad Kemenah; 2. Tony Stewart; 3. Dave Blaney; 4. Parker Price-Miller; 5. Carson Short; 6. Wayne Johnson; 7. Greg Hodnett; 8. Hunter Mackison; 9. Sheldon Haudenschild; 10. Caleb Helms; 11. Mark Smith; 12. Rico Abreu; 13. Kerry Madsen; 14. Paul McMahan; 15. Trey Starks; 16. Danny Dietrich; 17. Tyler Clem; 18. Max Stambaugh; 19. Ian Madsen; 20. John Garvin; 21. Coleman Gulick; 22. Jordan Mackison; 23. Tim Shaffer; 24. Cale Conley.