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Stuart Brubaker makes chassis change and lands AFCS victory at Fremont Speedway

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By Jacob Hord

FREMONT, OH.: It was another hot evening for the second night of the Attica-Fremont Championship Series weekend at the “Track That Action Built,” Fremont Speedway. The NRA 360’s and 305’s accompanied the 410’s for an all Sprint-Car show.

Defending Attica track champion, Stuart Brubaker, hasn’t had a good year. He changed things up and switched chassis, and it worked. Brubaker led all 30 laps, but it wasn’t easy. He had to hold off Cap Henry and DJ Foos all race long, and he had a bit of luck on his side.

We were fortunate to start on the front row of a black-slick Fremont” Brubaker said, “it was hard to pass. It seemed everyone was at the same speed. I could barely get past lapped cars.”

TURNING POINT: On lap 27, Cap Henry decided it was time to make a move on Brubaker. Henry and Foos both had multiple attempts at passing Brubaker but couldn’t make it stick. Henry dove underneath Brubaker going into turn three and made the pass for the lead. In the process, Foos spun out of third place and brought out the caution, negating Henry’s pass and giving Brubaker the lead back.

This set up a two-lap shootout after another caution. Henry went up top to try and get by Brubaker, and then went down low going into turn one but had the door shut by the leader. That was all that Brubaker needed, as he picked up his first career Fremont Speedway win over Henry and Lee Jacobs.

MOVE OF THE RACE: Staying in front for all 30 laps was an impressive feat. It seemed like from lap 15 on, Brubaker had to hold off one pass attempt every lap. Foos and Henry each took their turns at Brubaker, but they could not get the run they needed to clear the leader.

The key for Brubaker was his strength and speed out of the corners, which allowed him to defend his spot at the front.

Brubaker said, “It was really hard to stay focused. I could see their reflection in my shield. It was difficult to keep my patience, and it got the best of me a couple of times. I didn’t pick up the throttle in time to play defense.”

NRA 360’s: It was Shawn Dancer, who stormed out to an early lead over Jake Brown and Randy Hannagan. Hannagan took second place within the first couple of laps and started closing in on Dancer, erasing a second-and-a-half lead in four laps. Hannagan was on Dancer’s bumper when the caution came out on Lap 9.

Hannagan went around the high side of Dancer coming to Lap 11 to take the lead, and he easily gapped the field by over two-and-a-half seconds. There was a restart with 10 to go, but that didn’t bother Hannagan in the slightest, as he cruised to his second career Fremont Speedway win over Dancer and Chase Dunham, who had an excellent battle with Devin Dobie and Jake Brown for most of the race.


Outside pole sitter Larry Kingseed Jr. flipped going into turn one on the start and the entire field missed him. That gave Bobby Clark the lead for a few laps until Jamie Miller caught him. Miller used lapped traffic to his advantage and snagged the lead from Clark on Lap 8 and never looked back.

Miller worked through lapped traffic exceptionally well and never allowing Clark or Paul Weaver to get too close. Miller cruised to another 305-race victory over Clark and Weaver.

THEY SAID IT: “We’ve been struggling this year, but we got the win tonight.” — Feature Winner Stuart Brubaker

“It was a fun race here at Fremont. It was slow and slick and you could run around guys, and the dirty air wasn’t that bad. We started off not so good, but at the end there, we were rolling but there weren’t enough laps. Coming to the white we got there, and I made a bad decision driving trying to get underneath him and had to really slow myself down to not get into the back of him. That slowed us down too much on the white flag lap.” Runner-up Cap Henry

NOTES: Nate Dussel recovered from his crash last night in Attica and set quick time in qualifying. … Cap Henry and Gary Taylor were your heat race winners. … It started as an interesting night for Buddy Kofoid and his “race parents,” Michael and Stephanie Linder. The Linder’s both showed up to the track thinking the other took Buddy to the track. Turns out, Buddy was still at home.

410 Sprint Car Feature Finish, 30 Laps: 1. Stuart Brubaker; 2. Cap Henry; 3. Lee Jacobs; 4. Buddy Kofoid; 5. Nate Dussel; 6. Brian Lay; 7. Gary Taylor; 8. Caleb Griffith; 9. Stuart Williams; 10. DJ Foos; 11. Cale Conley; 12. Hunter Schuerenberg; 13. Chad Wilson; 14. Brian Smith; 15. Kelsey Ivy; 16. Chris Andrews.

NRA 360 Sprint Car Feature Finish, 25 Laps: 1. Randy Hannagan; 2. Shawn Dancer; 3. Chase Dunham; 4. Devon Dobie; 5. Jake Brown; 6. Steve Rando; 7. Rickey Peterson; 8. Mitch Brown; 9. Dan McCarron; 10. Dustin Rall; 11. Jared Horstman; 12. Hud Horton; 13. Ed Neumeister; 14. Kyle Sauder; 15. Tim Allison; 16. Brandon Riehl; 17. Adam Cruea; 18. Rich Farmer; 19. Todd Heuerman; 20. Justin Adams.

305 Sprint Car Feature Finish, 25 Laps: 1. Jamie Miller; 2. Bobby Clark; 3. Paul Weaver; 4. John Ivy; 5. Shawn Valenti; 6. Jimmy McGrath Jr.; 7. Brandon Moore; 8. Kyle Peters; 9. Kyle Capodice; 10. Tyler Street; 11. Zeth Sabo; 12. Chris Verda; 13. Luke Griffith; 14. Mike Keegan; 15. Kasey Ziebold; 16. Jerry Dahms; 17. Tad Peck; 18. Matt Lucius; 19. Larry Kingseed.

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